Little Charcoal Pocket Tee

Little Charcoal Pocket Tee



We're all about the graphics over here but let's face it - sometimes you just need a good, plain tee!  And this one has you covered on all levels.

Our Little Charcoal Tee features short sleeves that fall at the perfect spot on your arm (not too high + not too long.....seriously - it's a thing with us), the flattering V neck and a pocket!  And even though we really don't know what you'd put in that pocket - we love it! 

It's the perfect little tee for summer!  It's gonna look great with your shorts, jeans, joggers, yoga pants and it's even long enough to hide your booty over those leggings.

  • Loose fit
  • Robin is wearing a size Small
  • 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex