Learning Self-Acceptance

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A journey of self-discovery, self-compassion and self-love.

You are a masterpiece in progress. Embrace every stroke, every flaw, and every imperfection that makes you uniquely beautiful.

When you think of having good emotional health, terms like happiness, self esteem, self-confidence, optimism, and mental toughness likely come to mind. You might not consider the ideas of self acceptance and contentment.

 But isn’t contentment what we’re all seeking?

Contentment is the place where we don’t need anything.

We’re completely satisfied as we are, as our life is. Think of how many things you do each day in an effort to feel more content:

  • You say or do things to impress others.
  • You say or do things to avoid being ridiculed by others.
  • You work at a job you don’t like so you can make more money to buy things you want or to impress others.
  • You exercise and diet beyond what is reasonable in order to look a certain way.

The list is really endless. We spend a lot of our day trying to feel more content. However, these things aren’t the path to radical contentment.

The real secret is self-acceptance.

  • 29 pages of learning about self-acceptance
  • 21 page workbook
  • 10 pages for journaling + notes

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