ELEVATE Interactive Workshop

ELEVATE Interactive Workshop


If you're anything like me, the last 2+ years have taken a toll.  It has affected us physically, mentally and spiritually.  It has broken relationships, businesses, and turned everything upside down.

And even as we try to recover, the damage has been done.  You might find yourself living differently, thinking might find yourself..... just different.

Maybe there was a part of you struggling before March 2020 hit?  

Maybe you have been in the "stuck" place for sometime now and maybe you have tried to find your spark again but something is blocking you.
What if you didn't have to spend the rest of your life wishing things were different?
My goal is to help you get past all the crap holding you back and create a life - and a YOU - that you love living.  
Personally + professionally.

Cultivate self-confidence and finally step out and into who you are and what you really want to do and become.


***Please note: Unfortunately, once you sign up for the workshop and you're inside the private Facebook group, no refunds will be given.  

The ELEVATE 6 Week Workshop will take place inside a private Facebook group.

- We will meet LIVE via ZOOM with an open chat every Tuesday at 7pm EST BEGINNING MAY 24.

- Shortly after signing up you will receive an your pre-workshop workbook and an invitation to our private Facebook group

Your weekly workbook will be email to you every Monday.

If you can't make it LIVE (but we sure hope you can because connecting with each other is uplifting!) the replay will be available to you inside our private Facebook group. 

I can't wait to see you inside!