The RYSE™ brand is meant to be inspiring, empowering, sometimes sassy but always truth and backed up with a whole lotta faith. It's meant to make a statement.

It's not about the sweatshirt.

Or the tee.

It's about YOU.

It's about your story.

It's about all the twists + turns, ups + downs, the fast lane, the slow lane and all the dark tunnels you've brought yourself through on your journey to loving yourself and living into who you were really meant to be.

It's about love + acceptance of yourself...and for that human right next to you.

It's about lifting each other up and cheering each other on.

It's believing in yourself.

It's empowerment.

It's about walking together and holding each other up through the anxiety and the dark, ugly moments and finally accepting that it's okay if you're not okay.....and to be free from judgement in talking about it.

It's about believing that it's okay to say "I am NOT okay right now.:

It's about learning to be confident in yourself.

It’s a community.

It's a movement.


RYSE by Robin™ is the brand speaking your story.

Speaking your truth.


RYSE by Robin™ was founded with the mission to bring awareness and help those struggling to feel seen, heard, understood and a little less broken by creating activewear with a message that speaks to a part of their journey.  RYSE by Robin™ is more than statement wear…..it’s a movement.


We hope for a world in which conversations about all things mental health becomes less scary and being able to speak out loud “I am not okay right now”.  By creating pieces that carry a message/statement we hope to help spark the difficult conversations and join the fight in removing the stigma and fear surrounding mental health.  Our vision is for RYSE by Robin™ to become a household name and a leader in inspiration.


We are passionate about the pieces we make and the customers we serve.  Our story is their story.  We strive for the best quality in our merchandise and process each order with love and care. We know that each statement piece that goes out was chosen because it meant something very personal to each person.  Good communication, transparency and community in every customer experience with us is what we strive for.