The Holistic Self-Care Journal

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SELF-CARE.  It's exactly what it sounds like it is.....taking care of YOU.

As in, taking time to make sure your own needs are met!

And why is that so important?  Because you can't pour from an empty cup.

Self-Care is a term we have been hearing so much about in recent years but what IS it really?  The idea of it might seem obvious and the concept is really simple:  take a little time out of each day to take care of YOU.

When you take the time to focus on YOUR needs each day that is a big part of practicing self-care.  And you might not even realize what your needs are.

Let this journal guide you and help you get started.

130 pages including thought provoking questions and space for you to write for 4 weeks.  And when you're done with the first 4 weeks, simply print out a fresh new copy and keep going!

Self-care isn't selfish at all.  It's necessary. 

***Please Note!   Nothing will be shipped to you.  This is an immediate digital download for you to print yourself or send off to your favorite store for printing.  After purchase, you will receive a link to begin your download.